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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Lying in Business

Organizational Behavior
Sunday, December 19, 2010
Name: Poch Mean
Group: D, Weekend Class
Lying in Business
Suggested answers:

1). It is ever okay to lie in a business context. In order to run business with high profit and long term, all businessmen or employees have to adhere the business ethics. It means that the privacy of such their customers or the key information the company such as business plan, policies, and strategies should be kept confidential from the third party. It is for the safety and risk mitigation as well. In addition to the long term and survival purpose of the business, some data is not spread out truly for outsiders. However, some points in business should not be lied-it may lead to negative affect and sustainability of business as well. For example, services, price, or quality of product should be exactly announced to customers and public. Indeed, in a business context lie is ever okay is such a situations of privacy, competition, or confidence, but it is not okay at all for the situation of customer service.

2). I think that It is not fair to fire an employee who lies, without thinking the nature of the lie. As humanity flexibility is needed, and sometime it becomes as lying when it could not be presented timely. Moreover, some lying does not harm or decrease company profit; it just involves the personal issue of employee only. As one staff requested to take leave one day to visit their parents in province, but next day, manager saw this staff in a party in Phnom Penh. So, a kind of this lying should not be fired-should seek the real reasons. However, other lying which harm or affect the image or profit of company it should be fired immediately. As instance, a sale staff increases the price of goods for own benefit. In conclusion, it should be considered strictly on the nature of the lying before firing an employee. If the lying affects the image or financial situation of company, it should be fired, and it should be coached if it is just related to employee personal.

3). Withholding information for your own advantage in business is such a lying if you withheld information illegally or harmfully other and public benefits. For example, the bank you work has offered a special interest rate by decreasing one percent per month for the existing loan clients; however, you still charged them as usual and kept overcharge amount for your own benefit. In contrast, withholding information for your own advantage is not such a lying if the withholding is legal and did not harm others. For instance, the price of rice is increasing in the market price for the last few days but you still buy the rice from the farmer with normal price as before. In short, withholding information for your own advantage is the same lying or not it depends on the real situations and other relevant conditions such as legality, agreement.

4). I think that 100 percent of people would lie if they have something to gain by lying because the main purpose of business is profit without harming other people, plants, and our planet. It doesn’t mean that 100 percent of people lie all the time in their business context; their lying is depending on the situation as discussed in questions number 1 & 3 above.               

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